Hi y'all

My name is Terence Tan, i hail from Kuala Lumpur a city in Malaysia and am trying to make a living by creating personalized artworks through my humble lenses. Photography has been a passion of mine ever since i came back from the states.

I am happily married and is blessed with 2 beautiful children, Tung Tung , my elders girl aged 4 and Pak Yin , my son who is now 14 months old. My beautiful wife , Rachel Ng has been my pillar of strength throught my life. She has been my encougement when i am down, my happiness when i am sad, my best friend. This is just bits and pieces of my family.

People fascinates me, which is why i LOVE capturing portraitures. One of the most important point in a person life is marriage. Every individual has their own story. However, when a man and a woman binds their hearts in marriage, they create another story, a new chapter in their life.

As a wedding photographer , it is my duty to capture your most intimate moments together when you say "I DO". It will be an honour for me to be part of your family, even if it is only for a day. So let us have fun together.

These are bits and pieces about me.

  • Absolutely love photography
  • I am thinker and i am still thinking about things now.
  • Love collecting watches because every watch has its own character and every second also very important for a humans.
  • Am a people person.
  • Loves a good laugh.
  • Am a caffeine junkie..... coffee la.

If you would like to know mere about me, do give me a holler and let's have tea .


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sonny & Jia-jia (Destination Pre Wedding-Taiwan)

Sonny was a buddy of mine while I was residing in the States back in 2007. We made arrangements for his pre-wedding shoot in Taiwan, where he is now residing. All in all, the shoot was fun and a hilarious one. Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the shooting session together. Thanks Sonny & Jia-jia for allowing us to part of your lives for the day and putting your trust in me. Both Rachel and I wish you both endless love and lots of laughter together.